For Lammas, I asked the gods to tell me what message I need to hear at this time. I had recently drawn Algiz during a single-rune pull with the same intent, so it was nice to see it waving hello to me again in the first position here! First Rune: Algiz Algiz represents protection, but […]

August 1st is Lammas, the first harvest. The word “Lammas” comes from the phrase “loaf mass,” and enjoying fresh bread made from wheat or corn can be part of the celebration. It is the first of the three autumn festivals, the other two being the Autumn Equinox (Mabon), and Samhain. In the Gaelic tradition, it […]

Raido (rye-doh) is the fifth rune of the first aett. It literally means “riding” or “journey.” It represents the path ahead, or the right way. Raido is also associated with leadership, or “taking the reins.” It represents the ordered movement of celestial bodies, like the path or the sun across the sky. Raido is associated […]

Ansuz (awn-sooz) is the fourth rune of the first aett. It represents order, consciousness, and communication. It is associated with Odin. It is associated with planning, intellect, and the ability to make choices and create order. Ansuz is associated with Lammas.

Thurisaz (thoo-ree-saz) is the third rune of the first aett. Thurisaz is the oldest name of Thor, and literally means “giant.” It represents a blending of the fire and ice of the previous two runes, as the mixing of primordial fire and ice made the giants. It represents the brink of consciousness, a primal urge […]