The second aett of the Elder Futhark consists of these eight runes: Hagalaz Nauthiz Isa Jera Eihwaz Perthro Algiz Sowilo The second is the aett of transformation and personal development. It redirects the outward energy of the first aett. In this aett, antagonistic forces seek to create evolution within creation. Evolution occurs through introspection. The […]

Sowilo (so-wee-low) is the eighth and final rune of the second aett, and the sixteenth overall. It is associated with the sun and unconditional victory. It shines very bright, but can also burn you. It represents your solar identity, your process of being individual, and your conscious mind.

Algiz (ahl-geez) is the seventh rune of the second aett, and the fifteenth overall. It resembles the foot of a crow, Odin’s familiar. It can signal you to stop, like the palm of an upturned hand. Upright, it resembles female genitals, and inverse it resembles male genitals. Algiz is the Valkyrie rune, favored by witches […]

Perthro (perth-row) is the sixth rune of the second aett, and the fourteenth overall. It represents a deep well of black water, the essence of the void. It can resemble a womb, or a woman crouching in the birthing position. It embodies the power of the Norns, and is associated with secrecy and silence. It […]

Eihwaz (aye-woz) is the fifth rune of the second aett, and the thirteenth rune overall. It falls roughly in the middle of the futhark. It represents the backbone, and the trunk of Yggdrasil. It implies a desire to evolve deeper. The spine has twenty-four vertebrae, and the elder futhark has twenty-four runes. It can tell […]

Jera (yay-rah) is the fourth rune of the second aett, and the twelfth overall. It represents celestial bodies circling, and the passage of time. It resembles two Kenaz circling one another. It is associated with Midgard, and directly relates to the winter solstice. This rune is generally associated with a beneficial change. Something ends, and […]


Isa (ee-saw) is the third rune of the second aett, and the eleventh rune overall. It is associated with Verdandi, the Norn of the present. It looks like an icicle, and represents old, patient, waiting ice, like a glacier. There is no movement, things can be stuck. It can represent waiting, as for ice to […]

Nauthiz (now-theez) is the second rune of the second aett, and the tenth rune overall. It means “necessity” or “need for fire,” and it looks like two sticks you’d rub together to spark a flame. As such, it also represents friction and conflict, and also needing something. It can represent distress or binding, while you […]

Hagalaz (hawg-ah-lahz) is the first rune of the second aett, or the ninth rune overall. It is associated with Urdr, the Norn of the past, and represents transformation, evolution, and change. It is also associated with destructive weather, including fog and hail. It can encourage you to do shadow work through your past traumas and […]