Dagaz (thaw-gauze) is the eighth rune of the third aett, and the twenty-fourth rune overall. It represents drastic, cataclysmic change. Dagaz connects to the summer solstice and represents wildfire. In the Asatru tradition, Othila is often considered to come last, because the two humans that survive Ragnarok inherit the land. In the Valkyrie tradition, this […]

August 1st is Lammas, the first harvest. The word “Lammas” comes from the phrase “loaf mass,” and enjoying fresh bread made from wheat or corn can be part of the celebration. It is the first of the three autumn festivals, the other two being the Autumn Equinox (Mabon), and Samhain. In the Gaelic tradition, it […]

Othila (oath-awe-law) is the seventh rune of the third aett, and the twenty-third rune overall. It represents inherited land, or inheritance. There is a sense of birthright, community, kinship, what you are entitled to, and nobility. Othila is the gift of Ing – a combination of Ingwaz with Gebo, but the inherited gift is generall […]

The full moon in June is the Strawberry Moon, as the berries ripen at this time. Full moons in June can also be called: Hot Moon Mead Moon Rose Moon

Ingwaz (eeng-woz)  is the sixth rune of the third aett, and the twenty-second rune overall. It represents progeny, or the “son of.” Ingwaz is related to Frey and Freya. It represents a large phallus, or vaginal tract, and is also related to the double-helix of DNA, which deepens its connection to inheritance and the connections […]

The waxing gibbous is when the moon is between half-lit at the first quarter, and fully lit at the full moon. This is traditionally when I do the Consider the Details spread from the Luminous Spirit Tarot app. Reading after Litha, for the intention FLOURISH The cards are read from the center, then top to […]

Laguz (law-gooze) is the fifth rune of the third aett, and the twenty-first rune overall. Here, the feminine mysteries turn inwards. Nerthus was an old goddess who lived on a lake. A sorceress, on a pitch black lake. In the lake, one could scry about love. If you pass the lake to her island, she […]