Know the Altmâg mound1 is there, is here, and I access it. Do not construct, nor imagine. Stand anew at each threshold2, not knowing, and at ease with what is not known. Walk briskly in, knowing nothing still, and know the impress of eternity on mind. Calm the heart and mind – calm and deep […]

Faith1 is participation. Faith constructs and creates experience. Like from the mold cheese is taken. Thoughts, our experiences create, but are also influential. Who can hold the image of the higher world will reach it. He whose logic deconstructs2 experience lives only in his head. Sweet the sleep of the one who tires in striving […]

Ever is there time, before the field be tilled. Ever is there time, before the nets need tying1, that I can sit and learn. Ever is there time to bend the limb2 to keep the age-dragged gait away. Act beyond, beyond fatigue. Act beyond, beyond what is not to be worked with, beyond comfort, and […]

Paths of might yield to the man who stares beyond his own reflected gaze1. The inner reckoning2 – leaping beyond the known-reflected surface – beckons. The paths open not by act, but by decision. Who has decided he cannot live but in might, that is so. Feasts and droughts arise for who holds abundance. Who […]

Opening is active, for the mind I must put aside is active. I take the active urge to be passive, to allow in the Full-Knowing of might1. Comes only in the active self – then puts itself aside. The opening I either do by act of will, or quite undo by unthinking – for the […]

An illness came and took the frail. Lady of small green things1 helped some, the Vitki2 others. The lady who spun and wove, she never faltered, though it struck about her hearth. At her stoop she lay unrobed, as in a summer sweat. In the cold day, brisk drove the herd with only a shawl […]

The Nine Waves are the nine daughters of Ægir and Rán, who represent the waves. Bára (or Drǫfn) – Foam Fleck, Comber Blóðughadda – Bloody Hair Bylgja – Billow Dúfa – Pitching Wave Hefring – Rising Wave Himinglæva – Transparent Wave Hrǫnn – Welling Wave Kólga – Cool Wave Unnr (or Uðr) – Frothing Wave

Ægir (anglicised as Aegir or Aeger – also known as Hlér – the common Swedish form is Ägir) is a jötunn of the sea. He is a god of the sea and of brewing. He is a personification of the power of the ocean. He was also known for hosting elaborate parties for the Æsir, […]

Rán is the wife of the giant Ægir. She is a goddess of the sea, living with her husband in an underwater hall. She captures sailors and drowns them in her net. She loans the net to Loki so he can capture Andvari the dwarf. She is mother to nine daughters, the Nine Waves.

Tívar gives back to me the cycle, time from time. They redeem to me what is forfeited in change from one threadbare cloak1 in the next. All forgotten here – the Tívar beyond anchor our timeless core. Who opens may spá2 from life to life. Who opens must Útiseta3 his thoughts. Who opens, her shall […]