About Me

My name is Amoða Lokisdottir, but you can call me Amanda.

The women in my family have been witches for as far back as I can trace. My great-grandmother danced naked in the woods and identified as a druid. I remember an aunt clutching my hand and telling me we shared fae blood. Even my grandmother, who slid between faiths with ease, could be seen as experimenting with different faces of the gods and goddesses.

I was born in April, and my sun sign is Aries. I’m a Cancer moon, with Scorpio ascending.

I’m currently studying runes in the Northern Tradition of witchcraft. I want to be a Valkyrie shaman. I was taught a similar path when I was young, so it has been fascinating and refreshing to me to find an instructor and a coven that follow similar teachings to the ones I remember.

I am a modern witch, a tattooed feminist, and an INFP.