December 20, 2018

A Note on the Runes

Working with the runes is an ongoing process. Before you attempt to use them for divination, you should take the time to learn each of them. At their simplest, they are just an alphabet. To use them as more, you should understand the metaphorical relationships between them. The runes tell a story, like the tarot, but unlike the tarot, they are much more mischievous. They demand attention and care.

I always say that the runes are like cats. They want your attention when they want it, and they will withhold theirs whenever they feel like it. They may back off if you come on too strong, or they may sit on top of everything you’re supposed to be doing. They’re fun to play with … if you understand that they’re in control. They’re playing with you. Sometimes, they like to let you know it. So, it is important to spend time with each rune. Take the time to get to know them!

I think the best way to do this is by meditating on the individual symbols. Then, study the interplay between groups of runes. The aetts. Groups of three. All of these meanings are important when you want to use the runes for magic, bindrunes, or divination.

You can listen to music or chants that help you access the meaning of the rune. Freya Aswynn’s chants were my favorites. I was crushed by reports of her hateful rhetoric because the CD that came with her book was my first introduction to runic chants.

Now, I enjoy listening to Wardruna instead, a band that examines each rune in a song. I like this playlist that takes you through the elder futhark.

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