This weekend, I had the privilege of attending a workshop on shamanic journeying at Soul Space. I’ve tried a few guided meditations and meditated on the runes before, but this is the first time I’ve had any training on journeying.

I was expecting it to have the same feel as a rune meditation, so I was very surprised that the experience was different for me. While the runes have recently started to reveal visuals to me, the first few times I could only feel sensations and knowledge. When the sound of the drum began, I immediately started to see lights and colours… and they formed into distinct images that I felt I could truly see in my mind. I wonder if the theta waves kick in that strongly just from the sound, or if it’s because of the live experience in the circle? I’m on the hunt for some good recordings so that I can find out if there’s a difference when I journey at home.

We travelled to both the lower and upper realms, and while I found that it was easier to access the lower, I feel more attracted to the upper. It felt like they were really excited to see me up there, so I think my next journey will be upwards. I don’t want to neglect the lower and middle realms, though, so I plan to make sure that I split my time to keep myself grounded.

One of the most interesting things that came out of my journey was a feeling that I had been neglecting the health of my solar plexus chakra. I’ve never given it much thought, because I considered it less important than others, like the third eye, heart, or root chakras. I have to admit I don’t even know what it’s for! So, I’d like to do some study on its meaning and how I can keep it healthy. It’s time to find some resources so that I can get researching!