August 8, 2018

Rune Reading: Lammas

For Lammas, I asked the gods to tell me what message I need to hear at this time. I had recently drawn Algiz during a single-rune pull with the same intent, so it was nice to see it waving hello to me again in the first position here!

First Rune: Algiz

Algiz represents protection, but more importantly, it is the sigil of the Valkyrie path, and therefore it can represent my Craft and my relationship with the runes. There are a lot of levels to its meaning here.

Upturned, as it emerged, it represents a hand, or a crow’s foot. Immediately, I am reminded of Odin’s familiars, Huginn and Muninn. Sometimes we read this as a sign to stop, but to me, it seems as if the runes are waving hello!

Second Rune: Sowilo

Sowilo follows Algiz in the natural order of the runes. It represents unconditional victory, as well as your solar identity. It can describe your process of becoming conscious, or becoming an individual. On some level, I see it as a sign that I should continue on this path of practice, to continue improving my Craft.

I also see that element of victory… that if I continue, victory is assured and there is no need for fear.

Third Rune: Jera

Jera is the final rune, associated with Kenaz and Ingwaz. It resembles celestial bodies circling, the two halves of the wheel. It is very interesting that it shows up for me here, at Lammas, when the Wheel turns from light to dark.

It is related to the Winter Solstice, so it’s possible that there is some significance to that in its message. Yule is when I first attended circle, so though I’ve missed a ritual on the Wheel this year, it will mark a full turn of being recommitted to my Craft.

What is the Message?

“You will master your Craft with the turning of the Wheel.”