June 26, 2018


Ingwaz (eeng-woz)  is the sixth rune of the third aett, and the twenty-second rune overall. It represents progeny, or the “son of.”

Ingwaz is related to Frey and Freya. It represents a large phallus, or vaginal tract, and is also related to the double-helix of DNA, which deepens its connection to inheritance and the connections between generations. When we are reborn, it is to the same tribe.

Ingwaz is connected to the portal to Vanalheim. It is great for astral projection: draw the rune, stare at it, and imagine it like a mirror.

Ingwaz is connected to Kenaz and Jera. In this sense, it represents totality, completion, and fulfilment. Jera relates to Yule, Kenaz to seeding, and Ingwaz to harvest.