June 25, 2018

Waxing Gibbous

The waxing gibbous is when the moon is between half-lit at the first quarter, and fully lit at the full moon.

This is traditionally when I do the Consider the Details spread from the Luminous Spirit Tarot app.

Reading after Litha, for the intention FLOURISH

The cards are read from the center, then top to bottom and left to right, and the cards pulled represent:

  1. The Problem. What blocks you from the completion of your intention? What is there left to solve?
  2. What You Expected. What did you initially think would be the outcome of undertaking your intention?
  3. What You Got. How is your quest actually coming along? What is the current status of your manifestation?
  4. Your Weakness. What aspect of yourself makes it the most difficult for you to overcome the current status quo?
  5. Your Strength. What aspect of yourself gives you the strength to overcome the current status quo and complete your intention?