June 20, 2018

Waxing Crescent

The waxing crescent is when the moon begins to light again, directly after the new moon.

This is traditionally when I do the Plant a Seed spread from the Luminous Spirit Tarot app.

Reading before Litha, for the intention FLOURISH

From left to right, and bottom to top, the cards pulled represent:

  1. Your Talents. What parts of yourself will be called upon to make your intentions manifest? What can you give to this situation?
  2. Your Environment. What is the surrounding environment regarding your task? How does it influence your intention?
  3. Your Resources. What is available to you that you can use to help achieve your intention?
  4. What Cannot Change. What things will remain as they are in this cycle? What do you have no power to influence?
  5. What Must Change. In order to attain your intention, what must change?
  6. Outcome. What is the sum of all these influences? How will these come together?

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