June 13, 2018

New Moon

The new moon is when the moon is dark. It is a good time to make a new start or a new beginning. It offers a chance to make a change.

This is traditionally when I start a Moon Cycle Tarot, where I lay a spread for each of the following moons:

On the New Moon, the Luminous Spirit Tarot spread is called Channel My Will:


From left to right, the cards pulled represent:

  1. Where You Want to Be. What is your ideal outcome? If all obstacles were erased, what is it that you crave?
  2. Where You Are. What forces are at work right now? How far along the path to your desire are you? What events are influencing its culmination?
  3. Where You Have Been. What attitudes, feelings or beliefs in past events have shaped this cycle’s intention? Where does it come from?

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