June 6, 2018

Last Quarter

The Last Quarter occurs after the Waning Gibbous. The moon is getting darker, and from here it approaches the Waning Crescent before the New Moon.

This is when I do the Release and Let Go spread, from the Luminous Spirit Tarot by Labyrinthos Academy, as a part of my Moon Cycle Tarot.

June reading before Litha, for the intention INTUITION

From top to bottom, and left to right, the cards pulled represent:

  1. Acceptance. What must I accept to move forward and progress along my intention?
  2. Guidance. Where and from whom can you find the most support and guidance along your path?
  3. Forgiveness. What grudges have I been holding against myself or others that I must forgive?
  4. Lesson. What lesson must I learn? What else must I learn to manifest my intention?

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