June 4, 2018


Eihwaz (aye-woz) is the fifth rune of the second aett, and the thirteenth rune overall. It falls roughly in the middle of the futhark. It represents the backbone, and the trunk of Yggdrasil. It implies a desire to evolve deeper.

The spine has twenty-four vertebrae, and the elder futhark has twenty-four runes.

It can tell us that if we feel any fear, we should do it anyway! It is the driving force of evolution. it is related to yew, the wood used in bow making, and the same message of drawing back and firing forward is related here.

It resembles two Laguz runes, back to back and inverted like the court members on playing cards.

Personal Insights

During meditation on this rune, I felt as if I were a seed. There was a sense of expansion, and what I would describe as growth under tension. The bottom pushes into the earth, but hooks in to lock and hold. The branches grow towards the sky, but are drawn back down towards the earth.

Of course, this rune is commonly associated with the trunk of Yggdrasil, and I felt that one could travel up and down this trunk to the different worlds through Eihwaz.

To me, Laguz resembles someone peering down into the water to view their reflection, and as its shape is echoed in Eihwaz, I felt as if this rune could be used to look deep within, from different angles.

The ends also remind me of Kenaz and Jera. Lights of knowledge, torches to guide the journey.