May 31, 2018


Jera (yay-rah) is the fourth rune of the second aett, and the twelfth overall. It represents celestial bodies circling, and the passage of time. It resembles two Kenaz circling one another. It is associated with Midgard, and directly relates to the winter solstice.

This rune is generally associated with a beneficial change. Something ends, and a new and promising cycle begins. In divination, it can represent time constraints. It reminds us that nothing stays still, and life’s only consistency is change. It is the rune of ritual, movement and ceremonies that repeat.

It is related to Kenaz and Ingwaz. On a wheel, it is directly across from Dagaz, the rune of cataclysmic change, which is associated with Midsummer.

Personal Insights

When I meditated upon this rune, I saw cold and stillness. Then a soft glow came into focus and I realised that even in the cold of winter, there is still motion. The atoms swirl, the planets dance. On every scale, time marches on.

Jera looks like two Kenaz swirling around each other, and that came through so strongly here. I could see energy swirling around like lights.

I also had the feeling that whereas Eihwaz represents motion up and down the trunk of Yggdrasil, Jera represents an outward motion, on a separate plane.