May 26, 2018


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the most abundant stones in the world. It is great for amplifying energy of any kind. It is highly programmable, so that you can use it for any intention.

Silicon dioxide. A lovely energy amplifier, clears and activates the chakras, enhances and protects the aura. When carried or placed in one’s environment, it will assist in maintaining balance, energy, and protection. Clears the choices ahead of you! Clears and balances all chakras.

Affirmation: I am clear in my thought, intent and desire. I reflect the clarity of the Divine mind.

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Moroccan Red Quartz

The colouring is from hematite trace mineral found within the quartz. This stone brings the power to aid you in enjoying the physical pleasures of maturity – in love, in life, and in relationships. These crystals give you the natural sources of energy to enjoy life’s pleasures that extend past the joyfulness of youth. Enjoying life in maturity requires vitality. These crystals bring you the energy and vitality you seek.

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone of love and beauty. It helps enhance self-love.

“A Stone of Gentle Love”, brings peacefulness and love to relationships with self and others. Connects to the heart chakra. Removes negative energy and emits a gentle force of self-love. Reduces stress and tension and can build up self-confidence. Rose quartz helps balance the giving and receiving of love within self.

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